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Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's a wrap (bucket list wrap-up)

At the beginning of this summer, I made myself a "summer bucket list" of things I wanted to accomplish this summer. I would love to say that I did every single thing on the list, but life happens and some things don't work out as planned. Regardless, I did do almost every thing on the list to some extent.

The Summer Bucket List

Hiking Bell Canyon with Shelby

 Lots of hiking-Corner Canyon  5/23/13, Bell Canyon with Shelby 6/4/13, Millcreek Canyon 6/6/13, and Ensign Peak 6/15/13

·         Maintain my weight-I actually gained some weight, some of it being nice muscle definition

Camping for Bike MS

·         Go camping more than once-6/29/13-6/30/13 and 8/10/13-8/12/13

·         Learn more about blogging and do it regularly-proud to say I posted over 30 posts this summer, and learned a little about html coding and the like.

·         Spend a week in Vegas with my girlfriends for my 21st birthday.
Cute little Austin that I had the privilege
of babysitting. He is such a stud!

·         Get a summer job-plasma, yard work/cleaning for my parents, one-time babysitting


·         Donate plasma- 6/4/13 

·         Make new friends-a few here and there. Still praying for some awesome Christian girls
St. George golfing with my
best friend Amanda.

·         Try new things (golf 6/9/13, Indian food, make sushi 8/18/13)
Fruit/protein popsicles

·         Make fruit popsicles-7/17/13

·         Watch two of my good friends get married (Tristen&Enoch 8/17/13 and Kaitlyn&Michael 5/13/13)

The beautiful bride & her groom.

My first legal drink, a gin fizz!

·         Drink a fruity cocktail on my 21st birthday

The Capital building with my love.

·         Visit the Capital building-7/29/13

·         Read lots and lots of books-I probably read over 20 books this summer

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