Dreaming in Color

Thursday, July 19, 2012

First blog post ever!!

To start a blog has always been somewhat daunting for me.

[daunting] “causing fear or discouragement; intimidating.”

Yet here I am making my first attempt at one. I always thought blogs were for middle-aged married people, but now that I venture out on my own and visit other blogs, I find that I am wrong. Blogs are everywhere and are definitely for a wide range of ages.

First blog post ever!!

This weekend I am celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday (a week early, lucky him)! Tristen and I made cupcakes for him today and part of his present came in the mail today!  As of right now, the plan is to celebrate  by going out to dinner at a nice restaurant, open his presents, and since he is addicted to video games, I’ll be nice and play some with him since its his special day ;)

 Because he probably will not be reading this yet, I can tell you what I got him! First off, we both love the band Barcelona and were not able to go to their concert in June in SLC. So…I got us tickets to go see them in September down in Las Vegas! Then, he is in love with Oakley sunglasses so he picked some out that he liked and that is the second part of his present.
With all this excitement going on, Kaitlyn and I are planning an awesome double date/birthday celebration (3 of our birthdays are within a month of each other). I won’t say too much about that yet because we don’t have it all planned out yet :/ ha ha.